Hi, I’m Junia. A skincare n00b and an aspiring writer who procrastinates too much for her own good.

MxRO_YoG_400x400Location: San Francisco

Age: 19

Skin Type: An oil slick for a T-zone.

Skin Concerns: Acne, redness.

Currently on an intense and strict no-buy because I hauled too hard.

Behind the URL: In the English class that I took this summer, we read Macbeth. The professor who taught the course (Hi, Nathan~ I know my grammar is as horrible as ever) was really funny and he made reading the classic an even better experience. He described the potion that the witches brewed as “gnarly witch soup.” I laughed out loud and I got weird stares and from there… I started thinking of how to incorporate “gnarly witch soup” into my life. Hence, this blog’s name.


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