The Skincare Journey So Far!

In my previous post, I talked about the beginnings of my skin care journey. I took the leap of (dumb) faith and jumped right into a bajillion skin products. My skin wasn’t too happy about it and so from a simply cleanser-toner-moisturizer routine to my failed attempt at the multi-step Korean skin care routine, we’re now back to attempting a multi-step Korean skin care routine BUT we’re taking it one product at a time.

So here’s a little history on my skin. I started to develop acne when I was around 12 years old. In the Philippines, we joke about how pimples are a sign that you’re in love. Ha, that was not the case for me. I was a hormonal, lazy, and angsty pre-teen with nothing better to do than to complain about how strict my parents were and how cute my crush is. My pimples were mostly around my cheek and forehead. The forehead pimples went away with no problems, however, the cheek pimples… That’s another story. My cheeks are perpetually red and sometimes they’re littered with a few acne here and there. I have a really dry nose and an oil slick for a t-zone, the rest of my face, thankfully, is fine.

Back in high school, I thought that taking care of my skin was a pain. But now, it’s actually a pain to not do it. I find that taking care of my skin and having a morning and night routine helps me keep something in my life solid and constant. I actually didn’t get the memo that I should have an oil cleanser to remove my sunscreen – no wonder it’s been breaking me out! So for now (don’t hate me), I’ve taken out my sunscreen and have resorted to using big ass hats (also, I would like to put it out there, that I rarely go out because I live online).  I had to prioritize what skin problem to address first and then build my routine from there. Here’s what it looks like right now:
current routineVery simple and so far, my skin’s been great! The problem that I’ve decided to address first is my acne. The day I realized that I can’t do makeup was also the day that I realized that I’d rather focus on babying and caring for my skin rather than attempting to cover it up. This is why I actively begun looking for more resources about how to care for my skin and how I ultimately ended up falling into a rabbit hole.

STEP 1. Just like any proper routine, I begin by cleansing my face. I’ve used AVEENO®’s Clear Complexion Foaming Cleastep1nser for a while now, way before I even knew about the importance of your cleanser’s pH. I don’t have pH strips so I haven’t tested the pH’s cleanser, but I messaged Aveeno’s customer service and they told me that the pH of this product is 4.5-4.9. I’ve been using this product for more than a year now and I’m more than halfway through it. I guess I had some kind of luck to actually pick up a cleanser that’s within the acceptable range of pH levels. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean but not overly tight.step2

STEP 2. Despite having a pH appropriate cleanser, I wait 20 minutes before applying the next product in my routine. My PocketDerm prescription is 4% niacinamide, 1% clindamycin, and 4% azelaic acid. These products are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial products, exactly what I need for my acne-prone and scarred face. For $20/month, I get to message a health care provider whenever and I get access to medication made specifically for me. That’s not so bad, right? Since I started PocketDerm, I noticed that my breakouts are less angry and they’re much easier to deal with. So freaking worth it.step3

STEP 3. After another 20 minutes, I apply CosRX BHA Returning A-sol on any pimples I have. I’ve noticed that the inflammation and redness have lessened. Yay! I have two pimples that are under my skin at the moment and I’m dabbing this thing on it twice a day and so far…. I think it’s working. The pimples aren’t as painful as they were and they’re smaller now! I’m testing this up until I run out and I’ll check how different my skin is without it to see if I need a full size of this or not. It smells vaguely medicinal which is something I don’t really mind.

step4STEP 4. After spot treating, I apply LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence all over my face. Most of the beauty bloggers that I follow love this product. I understand why they love it! It’s light but moisturizing. Also, it’s jampacked with anti-pimple goodness. I feel like this product together with PocketDerm has made a huge difference in my skin and I’m excited for what’s come!

My routine is far from ideal. I’m still missing steps and my impulsive buy has left me with products that I’m not sure my skin will like. But, things are looking up and I’ve seen nothing but improvement with my skin since I started doing this.

I’m off to do my night routine and binge watch anime~

With love,





    • Thank you! I know how that feels. There are days where I just want to go on with my day or head straight on to bed without it but personally, I find that there’s something liberating and relaxing about treating your skin well. I’m such a lazy person and if I can do it, you can do it too! xx

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  1. What cute pictures! And a nice review. 🙂 I have a quick comment, that maybe you should use more than just an essence as your finishing step? Essences are so watery and are barely moisturizing at all. I personally used to use less moisturizer because I was afraid it was making my skin oily – I, too, have an oily t-zone – but it turns out that that puts your pores into high-output of sebum. If you have a lightweight moisturizer, maybe that could be good? I love Shiseido’s oil control.

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    • Thanks for the comment! I do agree that due to the essence’s texture, it doesn’t pack on as much moisturization as I want on my skin. But, I’m looking into adding a moisturizer that I got my first haul in like two weeks, just so that I could easily pinpoint what works for my skin and what doesn’t! It’s been roughly two weeks since I started doing this routine and I’m looking forward to adding more products into it. Thanks again for the comment!! ❤


    • Thanks! I read Macbeth for one of my English classes and my professor called the prophecy soup thing that the three witches were doing the “gnarly witch soup.” I laughed so hard that the phrase kinda stuck even though I had a hard time in the class. For me, the LJH tea tree doesn’t really smell like tea tree. It has a really really really really faint smell, but it doesn’t linger and is unnoticeable most of the time. I had to run to my bathroom to double check if there was a scent and nope, no strong scent at alL!


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