The Asian Beauty Rabbit Hole

Hello, Internet! I’m Junia. 19 years old, a college student with acne-prone skin and acne scarring becjuniaause of my lack of a skincare routine in high school. Also, I am currently on a strict no-buy (LIE. It’s not that¬†strict and I’ve already broken it…. 3 times, I think?) as I’ve burned through my allowance just to satisfy my need for gratification. Oh, the pain of retail therapy. I’m confused as to how something soothing and relaxing like shopping can become stress-inducing and nerve-wracking. But perhaps that’s because I’ve shopped (way) more than my means. The bottom line is, it’s my fault for spending too much. But I can’t put a price on the relief and the happiness that I felt as I either swiped my card or logged-in to Paypal to pay for the goodies.

Things took a turn of the better (or worse, depends on how you look at it), when I discovered /r/AsianBeauty and a bunch of amazing beauty bloggers. I kind of jumped in head first into the rabbit hole and I think I may have a (financial) concussion. But nonetheless, I’m extremely happy and my skin is even happier. I used a buying service called Avecko¬†to order these babies from S. Korea where they were sold for much much much cheaper than here in the States.avecko

I did the rookie mistake (despite the numerous warnings of both /r/AB and the beauty bloggers I followed) of using everything at once. Thankfully my skin hasn’t reacted too badly for me to ultimately regret even thinking of expanding my routine. But for now, I’m giving the products at least a week to show me what they’ve got to offer for my skin.

From a simple cleanser-toner-moisturizer routine, I switched to an overwhelming and complicated routine and I felt that my skin got a little confused. It was happy at all the attention it was getting, but I guess sometimes the spotlight’s too harsh and bright for a newbie. That’s why I’m going back to the basics and I’ll be slowly introducing these products to my skin and that’s one of the reasons why this blog came to life!

The most logical and financially beneficial choice for me would’ve been to just stick with these products and hide my credit cards until the piggy bank is once again fat enough to bust open. But nooooo, my browser has all my card details saved and PayPal’s so easy to use that logic and financial stability are tossed out of the window. They’re not as high on my priority list as my insatiable need to for gratification. Since the Avecko haul, I’ve done small hauls here and there. And I’ll go talk about those in another post!

I’m all new to this skincare stuff and I thought it would be fun to write down my journey and share it all with you. Let’s have a great time, yeah?

With love,



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